Scientific Methods As Applied To Child Education In "the Children's Houses"

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one of the sets of blocks already used in the education of the senses; namely, the series of ten rods heretofore used for the teaching of length. The shortest of these fods cor­responds to a decimetre, the longest to a metre, while the intervening rods are divided into sections a decimetre in length. The sections are painted alternately red and blue. Some day, when a child has arranged the rods, placing
them in order of length, we have him count the red and blue signs, beginning with the smallest piece; that is, one; one, two; one, two, three, etc., always going back to one in the counting of each rod, and starting from the side A. We then have him name the single rods from the short­est to the longest, according to the total number of the sections which each contains, touching the rods at the sides
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