Mother Goose

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EGGS, butter, cheese, bread, Stick, stock, stone, dead. Stick him up, stick him down, Stick him in the old man's crown.
ELIZABETH, Lizzy, and Betsy
and Bess, They all went together to seek a
bird's nest. They found a bird's nest with five
eggs in, They all took one and left four in.
EEN'-a, deen-a,
Dine-a, dust, Cat'll-a, ween-a, Wine-a, wust, Spit, spot, must be done, Twiddlum, twaddlum, twenty-one. O-U-T, spells out, A nasty dirty dish-clout.
F FOR fig, J for jig,
And N" for knuckle bones, I for John the waterman,
And S for sack of stones.
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