Mother Goose

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THERE was an old man of Thessaly,
And he was wondrous wise, He jumped into a quickset hedge,
And scratch'd out both his eyes; But when he saw his eyes were out,
With all his might and main, He jump'd into a holly-hush,
And scratch'd them in again.
THERE was an old woman Lived under a hill;
And if she's not gone,
She lives there still.
THERE was a fat man
of Bombay, "Who was smoking one
sunshiny day, "When abird, called a snipe, Flew away with his pipe, "Which vex'd the fat man
of Bombay-
THE man in the wilderness ask'd of me,
How many strawberries grew in the sea ? I answer'd him, as I thought good, As many red herrings as grew in the wood.
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