Mother Goose Melodies

Children's Songs & Nursery Rhymes
James Miller Version, Circa 1869

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MOTHER GOOSE'S MELODIES.                                29
A PIE sat on a pear
tree, A pie sat on a pear
tree, A pie sat on a pear
tree, Heigh 0! heigh 01
heigh 0! Once so merrily
. hopp'd she, Twice so merrily
hopp'd she, Thrice so merrily
hopp'd she, Heigh 0! heigh 0!
heigh 0!
I HAVE a little sister, they call her Peep, Peep, She wades in the water, deep; deep, deep, She climbs up the mountains, high, high, high; My poor little sister—she has but one eye!
THE king of France, with twenty thousand men, March'd up the hill, and then—march'd back again.