Mother Goose Melodies

Children's Songs & Nursery Rhymes
James Miller Version, Circa 1869

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ii                         MOTHER GOOSE'S MELODIES.
T HE white dove sat on the castle wall, I bend my bow and shoot her I shall; I put her in my glove, both feathers and all;* I laid my bridle upon the shelf, If you will any more, sing it yourself.
S EE, see! what shall I see? A horse's head where his tail should be.
T HERE were three crows sat on a stone, Fal la, la, la, lal, de, Two flew away, and then there was one,
Fal la, la, la, lal, de, The other crow finding himself alone, Fal la, la, la, lal, de. He flew away, and then there was none, Fal la", la, la, lal, de.
T HE lion and the unicorn Were fighting for the crown— The lion beat the unicorn
All about the town. Some gave them white bread, And some gave them brown, Some gave them plum-cake, And sent them out of town.