Mother Goose Melodies

Children's Songs & Nursery Rhymes
James Miller Version, Circa 1869

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88                             MOTHER GOOSE'S MELODIES.
L ITTLE Robin Red-breast sat upon a tree, Up went Pussy-cat, and down went he ; Down came Pussy-cat, and away Robin ran : Says little Robin Red-breast, " Catch me if
you'can." Little Robin Red-breast hopped upon a wall, Pussy-cat jumped after him, and almost got
a fall. Little Robin chirped and sang, and what did
Pussy say ? Pussy-cat said, " Mew," and Robin flew away.
rtOCK a doodle do, \J My dame has lost her shoe'; My master's lost his fiddle-stick And knowe-not what to do.
T HERE was an old woman in Surrey, Who was morn, noon, and night in a hurry; Call'dher husband a fool, Drove the children to school, The worrying old woman of Surrey.
B YE, baby bunting, father's gone a-hunting, To get a little rabbit-skin, to wrap baby bunting in.