Mother Goose Melodies

Children's Songs & Nursery Rhymes
James Miller Version, Circa 1869

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96                             MOTHER GOOSE'S MELODIES.
T HERE was a little guinea pig, Who, being little, was not big, He always walked upon his feet, And never fasted when he eat.
When from a place he ran away He never at that place did stay; And when he ran, as I am told, He ne'er stood still for young or old.
He often squeaked, and sometimes vi'lent, And when he squeaked he ne'er was silent; Though ne'er instructed by a cat, He knew a mouse was not a rat.
One day, as I am certified, He took a whim and fairly died; And, I am told by men of sense, He never has been living since.
N OSE, nose, jolly red nose, And what gave you that jolly red nose? Nutmegs and cinnamon, spices and cloves, And they gave me this jolly red nose.
S HOE the horse, and shoe the mare, But let the little colt go bare.