At the Back of the North Wind - online book

With Twelve Full-page Illustrations In Colour. And
Seventy-six Text Illustrations In Black-and-white.
By George Mac Donald, published By Blackie & Son Limited, Circa 1911

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This children's book by George MacDonald was first published in 1871 and is considered to be on of his masterpieces. It is a fantasy centred around a boy named Diamond and his adventures with the North Wind who is personified as a mysterious Lady with whom Diamond travels with through the nights. MacDonald is approaches many theological and philosophical questions, in this book and particularly explores the matter of the existence of suffering and evil and how they be reconciled with the assumption of a benevolent God. (MacDonald was also a Christian Minister.) THis very nicely illustrated version of the book was published around 1911. I have, for the purposes of retaining original page numbers, had to move most of the colour plates to start at page 492.