At the Back of the North Wind Illustrated - online book

A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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The Hay-Loft                    21
"One question at a time, dear boy. I knew your name quite well, but I wanted to hear what you would say for it. Don't you remember that day when the man was finding fault with your name—how I blew the window in?"
" Yes, yes," answered Diamond, eagerly. "Our window opens like a door, right over the coach-house door. And the wind—you, ma'am—came in, and blew the bible out of the man's hands, and the leaves went all flutter flutter on the floor, and my mother picked it up and gave it back to him open, and there-----"
''Was your name in the bible,—the sixth stone in the high-priest's breast-plate."
"Oh!—a stone, was it?" said Diamond. "I thought it had been a horse—I did."
"Never mind. A horse is better than a stone any day. Well, you see, I know all about you and your mother."
" Yes. I will go with you."
"Now for the next question: you're not to call me ma'am. You must call me just my own name—respect­fully, you know—just North Wind."
"Well, please, North Wind, you are so beautiful, I am quite ready to go with you."
"You must not be ready to go with everything beautiful all at once, Diamond."
" But what's beautiful can't be bad. You're not bad. North Wind?"
"No; I'm not bad. But sometimes beautiful things grow bad by doing bad, and it takes some time for their badness to spoil their beauty. So little boys may
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