At the Back of the North Wind Illustrated - online book

A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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Old Diamond                         39
ago, and was careful that even Diamond should hear nothing he could repeat again concerning master and his family.
It was bed-time soon, and Diamond went to bed and fell fast asleep.
He awoke all at once, in the dark.
" Open the window, Diamond," said a voice.
Now Diamond's mother had once more pasted up North Wind's window.
"Are you North Wind?" said Diamond: "I don't hear you blowing."
"No; but you hear me talking. Open the window, for I haven't overmuch time."
"Yes," returned Diamond. "But please, North Wind, where's the use? You left me all alone last time."
He had got up on his knees, and was busy with his nails once more at the paper over the hole in the wall. For now that North Wind spoke again, he remembered all that had taken place before as distinctly as if it had happened only last night.
" Yes, but that was your fault," returned North Wind. "I had work to do; and, besides, a gentleman should never keep a lady waiting."
" But I'm not a gentleman," said Diamond, scratching away at the paper.
" I hope you won't say so ten years after this."
" I'm going to be a coachman, and a coachman is not a gentleman," persisted Diamond.
" We call your father a gentleman in our house," said North Wind.
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