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A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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40 At the Back of the North Wind
" He doesn't call himself one," said Diamond.
" That's of no consequence: every man ought to be a gentleman, and your father is one."
Diamond was so pleased to hear this that he scratched at the paper like ten mice, and getting hold of the edge of it, tore it off. The next instant a young girl glided across the bed, and stood upon the floor.
" Oh dear!" said Diamond, quite dismayed; "I didn't know—who are you, please?"
"I'm North Wind."
"Are you really?"
"Yes. Make haste."
" But you're no bigger than me."
"Do you think I care about how big or how little I am? Didn't you see me this evening. I was less then."
" No. Where was you?"
" Behind the leaves of the primrose. Didn't you see them blowing?"
" Make haste, then, if you want to go with me."
" But you are not big enough to take care of me. I think you are only Miss North Wind."
" I am big enough to show you the way, anyhow. But if you won't come, why, you must stay."
" I must dress myself. I didn't mind with a grown lady, but I couldn't go with a little girl in my night­gown."
"Very well. I'm not in such a hurry as I was the other night. Dress as fast as you can, and I'll go and shake the primrose leaves till you come."
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