At the Back of the North Wind Illustrated - online book

A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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Old Diamond                     4*
" Don't hurt it," said Diamond.
North Wind broke out in a little laugh like the break­ing of silver bubbles, and was gone in a moment. Dia­mond saw—for it was a starlit night, and the mass of hay was at a low ebb now—the gleam of something vanishing down the stair, and, springing out of bed, dressed himself as fast as ever he could. Then he crept out into the yard, through the door in the wall, and away to the primrose. Behind it stood North Wind, leaning over it, and looking at the flower as if she had been its mother.
"Come along," she said, jumping up and holding out her hand.
Diamond took her hand. It was cold, but so plearant and full of life, it was better than warm. She led him across the garden. With one bound she was on the top of the wall. Diamond was left at the foot.
"Stop, stop!" he cried. "Please, I can't jump like that."
"You don't try," said North Wind, who from the top looked down a foot taller than before.
"Give me your hand again, and I will try," said Dia­mond.
She reached down, Diamond laid hold of her hand, gave a great spring, and stood beside her.
"This is nice!" he said.
Another bound, and they stood in the road by the river. It was full tide, and the stars were shining clear in its depths, for it lay still, waiting for the turn to run down again to the sea. They walked along its side. But they had not walked far before
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