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A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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42 At the Back of the North Wind
its surface was covered with ripples, and the stars had vanished from its bosom.
And North Wind was now tall as a full-grown girl. Her hair was flying about her head, and the wind was blowing a breeze down the river. But she turned
aside and went up a narrow lane, and as she went her hair fell down around her.
" I have some rather disagree­able work to do to-night," she said, " before I get out to sea, and I must set about it at once. The disagreeable work must be looked after first."
So saying, she laid hold of Dia-
mond and began to run, gliding along faster and faster. Diamond kept up with her as well as he could. She made many turnings and windings, apparently because it was not quite easy to get him over walls and houses. Once they ran through a hall where they found back and front doors open. At the foot of the stair North Wind stood still, and Diamond, hearing a great growl, started
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