At the Back of the North Wind Illustrated - online book

A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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5o At the Back of the North Wind
"Oh! please, North Wind," he cried, "won't you help that little girl?"
"No, Diamond; I mustn't leave my work." " But why shouldn't you be kind to her?" " I am kind to her: I am sweeping the wicked smells
" But you're kinder to me, dear            North
Wind. Why shouldn't you be as kind to her as you are to me?"
" There are reasons, Dia­mond. Every­body can't be done to all the same. Every­body is not ready for the same thing."
"But I don't see why I should be kinder used than she."
"Do you think nothing's to be done but what you can see, Diamond, you silly! It's all right. Of course you can help her if you like. You've got nothing par­ticular to do at this moment; I have."
"Oh! do let me help her, then. But you won't be able to wait, perhaps?"
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