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A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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58 At the Back of the North Wind
fast as they could run. Nor could Diamond stop before he went bang against one of the doors in the wall. To his dismay it burst open. When they came to them­selves they peeped in. It was the back-door of a garden.
"Ah, ah!" cried Diamond, after staring for a few moments, "I thought so! North Wind takes nobody in! Here I am in master's garden! I tell you what, little girl, you just bore a hole in old Sal's wall, and put your mouth to it, and say, ' Please, North Wind, mayn't I go out with you?' and then you'll see what'll come."
"I daresay I shall. But I'm out in the wind too often already to want more of it."
" I said with the North Wind, not in it."
"It's all one."
" It's not all one."
"It is all one."
"But I know best."
"And I know better. I'll box your ears," said the girl.
Diamond got very angry. But he remembered that even if she did box his ears, he mustn't box hers again, for she was a girl, and all that boys must do, if girls are rude, is to go away and leave them. So he went in at the door.
"Good-bye, mister," said the girl.
This brought Diamond to his senses.
"I'm sorry I was cross," he said. "Come in, and my mother will give you some breakfast."
" No, thank you. I must be off to my crossing. It's morning now."
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