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A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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66 At the Back of the North Wind
so small before, not even when you were nursing the primrose."
" Must you see me every size that can be measured before you know me, Diamond?"
" But how could I think it was you taking care of a great stupid humble-bee?"
" The more stupid he was the more need he had to be taken care of. What with sucking honey and trying to open the door, he was nearly dazed; and when it opened in the morning to let the sun see the tulip's heart, what would the sun have thought to find such a stupid thing lying there—with wings too?"
" But how do you have time to look after bees?"
" I don't look after bees. I had this one to look after. It was hard work, though."
"Hard work! Why, you could blow a chimney down, or—or—a boy's cap off," said Diamond.
"Both are easier than blow a tulip open. But I scarcely know the difference between hard and easy. I am always able for what I have to do. When I see my work, I just rush at it—and it is done. But I mustn't chatter. I have got to sink a ship to-night."
" Sink a ship! What! with men in it?"
"Yes, and women too."
" How dreadful! I wish you wouldn't talk so."
"It is rather dreadful. But it is my work. I must do it."
" I hope you won't ask me to go with you."
" No, I won't ask you. But you must come fbi all that."
"I won't, then."
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