At the Back of the North Wind Illustrated - online book

A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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Out in the Storm                  79
" Because I am."
" There it is again," said Diamond. " I don't see that you are. It looks quite the other thing."
" Well, but listen to me, Diamond. You know the one me, you say, and that is good."
" Yes."
" Do you know the other me as well?"
"No. I can't. I shouldn't like to."
"There it is. You don't know the other me. Vou are sure of one of them?"
"And you are sure there can't be two ines?"
"Then the me you don't know must be the same as the me you do know,—else there would be two mes?"
"Then the other me you don't know must be as kind as the me you do know?"
"Besides, /tell you that it is so, only it doesn't look like it. That I confess freely. Have you anything more to object?"
" No, no, dear North Wind; I am quite satisfied."
"Then I will tell you something you might object. You might say that the me you know is like the other me, and that I am cruel all through."
" I know that can't be, because you are so kind."
" But that kindness might be only a pretence for the sake of being more cruel afterwards."
Diamond clung to her tighter than ever, crying—
"No, no, dear North Wind; I can't believe that.
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