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A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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82 At the Back of the North Wind
Diamond felt as the wind seized on his hair, which his mother kept rather long, as if he too was a part of the storm, and some of its life went out from him. But so sheltered was he by North Wind's arm and bosom that only at times, in the fiercer onslaught of
some curl-bil­lowed eddy, did he recognize for a moment how wild was the storm in which he was carried, nestling in its very core and formative centre.
It seemed to Diamond likewise that they were motionless in this centre, and that all the confusion and fighting went on around them. Flash after flash
illuminated the fierce chaos, revealing in varied yellow and blue and grey and dusky red the vaporous conten­tion; peal after peal of thunder tore the infinite waste; but it seemed to Diamond that North Wind and he were motionless, all but the hair. It was not so. They were sweeping with the speed of the wind itself towards the sea.
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