At the Back of the North Wind Illustrated - online book

A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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The Cathedral                     87
"What are you trembling for, little Diamond?" said the lady, as she walked gently along, with her hand held out behind her leading him, for there was not breadth enough for them to walk side by side.
"I am afraid of falling down there," answered Diamond. " It is so deep down."
"Yes, rather," answered North Wind; " but you were a hundred times higher a few minutes ago."
"Ah, yes, but somebody's arm was about me then," said Diamond, putting his little mouth to the beautiful cold hand that had a hold of his.
"What a dear little warm mouth you've got!" said North Wind. "It is a pity you should talk nonsense with it. Don't you know I have a hold of you?"
"Yes; but I'm walking on my own legs, and they might slip. I can't trust myself so well as your arms."
" But I have a hold of you, I tell you, foolish child."
"Yes, but somehow I can't feel comfortable."
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