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A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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90 At the Back of the North Wind
to be brave is to be brave. The coward who tries to be brave is before the man who is brave because he is made so, and never had to try."
<l How kind you are, North Wind!"
"I am only just. All kindness is but justice. We owe it."
"I don't quite understand that."
" Never mind; you will some day. There is no hurry about understanding it now."
" Who blew the wind on me that made me brave?"
"I did."
" I didn't see you."
" Therefore you can believe me."
" Yes, yes; of course. But how was it that such a little breath could be so strong?"
"That I don't know."
"But you made it strong?"
"No: I only blew it. I knew it would make you strong, just as it did the man in the boat, you re­member. But how my breath has that power I can­not tell. It was put into it when I was made. That is all I know. But really I must be going about my work."
"Ah! the poor ship! I wish you would stop here, and let the poor ship go."
"That I dare not do. Will you stop here till I come back?"
"Yes. You won't be long?"
" Not longer than I can help. Trust me, you shall get home before the morning."
In a moment North Wind was gone, and the next
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