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A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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98 At the Back of the North Wind
north wind's doing. What a pity! I wish we lived at the back of it, I'm sure."
" Where is that, sir?" asked Diamond.
"Away in the Hyperborean regions," answered the clergyman, smiling.
" I never heard of the place," returned Diamond.
"I daresay not," answered the clergyman; "but if this tree had been there now, it would not have been blown down, for there is no wind there."
" But, please, sir, if it had been there," said Dia­mond, "we should not have had to be sorry for it."
" Certainly not."
"Then we shouldn't have had to be glad for it either."
"You're quite right, my boy," said the clergyman, looking at him very kindly, as he turned away to the house, with his eyes bent towards the earth. But Dia­mond thought within himself, "I will ask North Wind next time I see her to take me to that country. 1 think she did speak aba at it once before."
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