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A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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104 At the Back of the North Wind
know me; or how often I might take you in before you got sharp enough to suspect me. You are as bad as a baby that doesn't know his mother in a new bonnet."
" Not quite so bad as that, dear North Wind," said Diamond, "for I didn't see you at all, and indeed, I don't see you yet, although I recognize your voice. Do grow a little, please."
"Not a hair's-breadth," said the voice, and it was the smallest voice that ever spoke. "What are you doing here?"
" I am come to see my aunt. But, please, North Wind, why didn't you come back for me in the church that night?"
" I did. I carried you safe home. All the time you were dreaming about the glass apostles, you were lying in my arms."
"I'm so glad," said Diamond. "I thought that must be it, only I wanted to hear you say so. Did you sink the ship, then?"
"And drown everybody?"
" Not quite. One boat got away with six or seven men in it."
"How could the boat swim when the ship couldn't?"
"Of course I had some trouble with it. I had to contrive a bit, and manage the waves a little. When they're once thoroughly waked up, I have a good deal of trouble with them sometimes. They're apt to get stupid with tumbling over each other's heads. That's when they're fairly at it. However, the boat got to a desert island before noon the next day."
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