At the Back of the North Wind Illustrated - online book

A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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How Diamond Got There 105
"And what good will come of that?"
" I don't know. I obeyed orders. Good-bye."
"Oh! stay, North Wind, do stay!" cried Diamond, dismayed to see the windmill get slower and slower.
"What is it, my dear child?" said North Wind, and the windmill began turning again so swiftly that Dia­mond could scarcely see it. "What a big voice you've got! and what a noise you do make with it! What is it you want? I have little to do, but that little must be done."
" I want you to take me to the country at the back of the north wind."
"That's not so easy," said North Wind, and was silent for so long that Diamond thought she was gone indeed. But after he had quite given her up, the voice began again.
" I almost wish old Herodotus had held his tongue about it. Much he knew of it!"
" Why do you wish that, North Wind?"
" Because then that clergyman would never have heard of it, and set you wanting to go. But we shall see. We shall see. You must go home now, my dear, for you don't seem very well, and I'll see what can be done for you. Don't wait for me. I've got to break a few of old Goody's toys: she's thinking too much of her new stock. Two or three will do. There! go now."
Diamond rose, quite sorry, and without a word left the shop, and went home.
It soon appeared that his mother had been right about him, for that same afternoon his head began to ache very much, and he had to go to bed.
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