At the Back of the North Wind Illustrated - online book

A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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How Diamond Got There 107
"We must make haste before your aunt comes," said she, as she glided out of the open lattice and left it swinging.
The moment Diamond felt her arms fold around him he began to feel better. It was a moonless night, and very dark, with glimpses of stars when the clouds parted.
"I used to dash the waves about here," said North Wind, " where cows and sheep are feeding now; but we shall soon get to them. There they are."
And Diamond, looking down, saw the white glimmer of breaking water far below him.
"You see, Diamond," said North Wind, "it is very difficult for me to get you to the back of the north wind, for that country lies in the very north itself, and of course I can't blow northwards."
"Why not?" asked Diamond.
"You little silly!" said North Wind. "Don't you see that if I were to blow northwards I should be South Wind, and that is as much as to say that one person could be two persons?"
" But how can you ever get home at all, then?"
"You are quite right—that is my home, though I never get farther than the outer door. I sit on the doorstep, and hear the voices inside. I am nobody there, Diamond."
" I'm very sorry."
"That you should be nobody."
"Oh, I don't mind it. Dear little man! you will be very glad some day to be nobody yourself. But
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