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A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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108 At the Back of the North Wind
you can't understand that now, and you had better not try; for if you do, you will be certain to go fancy­ing some egregious nonsense, and making yourself miserable about it."
" Then I won't," said Diamond.
"There's a good boy. It will all come in good time."
" But you haven't told me how you get to the door­step, you know."
" It is easy enough for me. I have only to consent to be nobody, and there I am. I draw into myself, and there I am on the doorstep. But you can easily see, or you have less sense than I think, that to drag you, you heavy thing, along with me, would take centuries, and I could not give the time to it."
" Oh, I'm so sorry!" said Diamond.
" What for now, pet?"
"That I'm so heavy for you. I would be lighter if I could, but I don't know how."
"You silly darling! Why, I could toss you a hun­dred miles from me if I liked. It is only when I am going home that I shall find you heavy."
"Then you are going home with me?"
"Of course. Did I not come to fetch you just for that?"
" But all this time you must be going southwards."
"Yes. Of course I am."
'* How can you be taking me northwards, then?"
"A very sensible question. But you shall see. I will get rid of a few of these clouds—only they do come up so fast! It's like trying to blow a brook dry. There' What do you see now?"
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