At the Back of the North Wind Illustrated - online book

A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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110 At the Back of the North Wind
" Why then the south wind would carry him."
" So you think that when the north wind stops the
south wind blows. Nonsense. If I didn't blow, the
captain couldn't sail his eighty miles a day. No doubt
South Wind would carry him faster, but South Wind
is sitting on her doorstep then, and if I stopped there would be a dead calm. So you are all wrong to say he can sail north in spite of me; he sails north by my help, and my help alone. You see that, Diamond?"
"Yes, I do, North Wind. I am stupid, but I don't want to be stupid."
i' Good boy! I am going to blow you north in that little craft, one of the finest that ever sailed the sea. Here we are, right over it. I shall be blowing against you; you will be sailing against me; and all will be just as we want it. The captain won't get on so fast as he would like, but he will get on, and so shall we. I'm just going to put you on board. Do you see in front of the tiller—that thing the man is working, now
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