At the Back of the North Wind Illustrated - online book

A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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How Diamond Got There 117
gap was the form of a woman seated against the ice front of the ridge, leaning forward with her hands in her lap, and her hair hanging down to the ground.
"It is North Wind on her doorstep," said Diamond joyfully, and hurried on.
He soon came up to the place, and there the form sat, like one of the great figures at the door of an Egyptian temple, motionless, with drooping arms and head. Then Diamond grew frightened, because she did not move nor speak. He was sure it was North Wind, but he thought she must be dead at last. Her face was white as the snow, her eyes were blue as the air in the ice-cave, and her hair hung down straight, like icicles. She had on a greenish robe, like the colour in the hollows of a glacier seen from far off.
He stood up before her, and gazed fearfully into her face for a few minutes before he ventured to speak. At length, with a great effort and a trembling voice, he faltered outó
"North Wind!"
"Well, child?" said the form, without lifting its head.
"Are you ill, dear North Wind?"
" No. I am waiting."
"What for?"
"Till I'm wanted."
"You don't care for me any more," said Diamond, almost crying now.
"Yes, I do. Only I can't show it. All my love is down at the bottom of my heart. But I feel it bubbling there."
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