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A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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At the Back of the North Wind 123
some day. His account disagreed with that of Durante, and agreed with that of Kilmeny, in this, that he pro­tested there was no wind there at all. I fancy he missed it. At all events we could not do without wind. It all depends on how big our lungs are whether the wind is too strong for us or not.
When the person he told about it asked him whether he saw anybody he knew there, he answered, "Only a little girl belonging to the gardener, who thought he had lost her, but was quite mistaken, for there she was safe enough, and was to come back some day, as I came back, if they would only wait."
" Did you talk to her, Diamond?"
" No. Nobody talks there. They only look at each other and understand everything."
"Is it cold there?"
"Is it hot?"
"What is it then?"
" You never think about such things there."
" What a queer place it must be!"
" It's a very good place."
" Do you want to go back again?"
"No: I don't think I have ever left it; I feel it here, somewhere."
" Did the people there look pleased?"
"Yes—quite pleased, only a little sad."
"Then they didn't look glad?"
"They looked as if they were waiting to be gladder some day."
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