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A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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i26 At the Back of the North Wind
however. He could not go home without her, and therefore he must find her. She could never have in­tended to leave him always away from his mother. If there had been any danger of that, she would have told him, and given him his choice about going. For
North Wind was right honest. How to find North Wind, therefore, occupied all his thoughts.
In his anxiety about his mother, he used to climb the tree every day, and sit in its branches. How­ever many of the dwellers there did so, they never in­commoded one another; for the moment one got
into the tree, he became invisible to every one else; and it was such a wide-spreading tree that there was room for every one of the people of the country in it, without the least inter­ference with each other. Sometimes, on getting down, two of them would meet at the root, and then they would smile to each other more sweetly than at any other time, as much as to say, " Ah, you've been up there too!"
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