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A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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i28 At the Back of the North Wind
glimmer from the blue of her eyes. A moment more, and she laid her hand on Diamond's head, and began playing with his hair. Diamond took hold of her hand, and laid his face to it. She gave a little start.
"How very alive you are, child!" she murmured.
" Come nearer to me."
By the help of the stones all around he clam­bered up beside her, and laid him­self against her bosom. She gave a great sigh, slow­ly lifted her arms, and slowly folded them about him, until she clasped him close. Yet a moment, and she roused herself, and came quite awake; and the cold of her
bosom, which had pierced Diamond's bones, vanished.
"Have you been sitting here ever since I went through you, dear North Wind?" asked Diamond, stroking her hand.
"Yes," she answered, looking at him with her old kindness.
" Ain't you very tired?"
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