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A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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130 At the Back of the North Wind
" Come along, Diamond," she said in his ear, in the smallest and highest of treble voices; "it is time we were setting out for Sandwich."
Diamond could just see her, by turning his head towards his shoulder as far as he could, but only with one eye, for his nose came between her and the other.
" Won't you take me in your arms and carry me?" he said in a whisper, for he knew she did not like a loud voice when she was small.
"Ah! you ungrateful boy," returned North Wind, smiling, "how dare you make game of me? Yes, I will carry you, but you shall walk a bit for your im­pertinence first. Come along."
She jumped from his shoulder, but when Desmond looked for her upon the ground, he could see nothing but a little spider with long legs that made its way over the ice towards the south. It ran very fast indeed for a spider, but Diamond ran a long way before it, and then waited for it. It was up with him sooner than he had expected, however, and it had grown a good deal. And the spider grew and grew and went faster and faster, till all at once Diamond discovered that it was not a spider, but a weasel; and away glided the weasel, and away went Diamond after it, and it took all the run there was in him to keep up with the weasel. And the weasel grew, and grew, and grew, till all at once Diamond saw that the weasel was not a weasel but a cat. And away went the cat, and Diamond after it. And when he had run half a mile, he found the cat waiting for him, sitting up and washing her face not to lose time. And away
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