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A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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134 At the Back of the North Wind
"Oh! there!" said the doctor with gentle cheer­fulness; "we're better to-day, I see."
Then he drew the mother aside, and told her not to talk to Diamond, or to mind what he might say; for he must be kept as quiet as possible. And indeed
Diamond was not much inclined to talk, for he felt very strange and weak, which was little wonder, seeing that all the time he had been away he had only sucked a few lumps of ice, and there could not be much nourishment in them.
Now while he is lying there, getting strong again with chicken broth and other nice things,
I will tell my readers what had been taking place at his home, for they ought to be told it.
They may have forgotten that Miss Coleman was in a poor state of health. Now there were three reasons for this. In the first place, her lungs were not strong. In the second place, there was a gentleman somewhere who had not behaved very well to her. In the third
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