At the Back of the North Wind Illustrated - online book

A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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Old Diamond
A FTER this Diamond recovered so fast, that in a few days he was quite able to go home as soon as his father had a place for them to go to. Now his father having saved a little money, and finding that no situation offered itself, had been thinking over a new plan. A strange occurrence it was which turned his thoughts in that direction. He had a friend in the Bloomsbury region, who lived by letting out cabs and horses to the cabmen. This man, happening to meet him one day as he was returning from an un­successful application, said to him:
''Why don't you set up for yourself now—in the cab line, I mean?"
" I haven't enough for that," answered Diamond's father.
"You must have saved a goodish bit, I should think. Just come home with me now and look at a horse I can let you have cheap. I bought him only a few weeks ago, thinking he'd do for a Hansom, but I was wrong. He's got bone enough for a wagon, but a v/agon ain't a Hansom. He ain't got enough go for a Hansom. You see parties as takes Hansoms wants to go like the wind, and he ain't got wind enough,
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