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A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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i53 At the Back of the North Wind
sent the kind of thing that was in his heart and his head. And when heart and head go together, nothing can stand before them.
"What nice bread and butter this is!" said Dia­mond.
" I'm glad you like it, my dear," said his father. " I bought the butter myself at the little shop round the corner." " It's very nice, thank you, father. Oh, there's baby waking! I'll take him."
"Sit still, Dia­mond," said his mother. " Go on with your bread and butter. You're not strong enough to lift him yet." So she took the baby herself, and set him on her knee. Then Diamond began to amuse him, and went on till the little fellow was shrieking with laughter. For the baby's world was his mother's arms; and the drizzling rain, and the dreary mews, and even his father's troubled face could not touch him. What cared baby for the loss of a hundred situations? Yet
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