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A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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164 At the Back of the North Wind
"Yes, please, father—if mother can spare me a minute," answered Diamond.
" Bless the child! I don't want him," said his mother
But as he was following his father out of the door,
she called him
" Diamond, just hold the baby one minute. I have something to say to your father."
So Diamond sat down again, took the baby in his lap, and be­gan poking his face into its little body, laughing and singing all the while, so that the baby crowed like a little ban-
tarn. And what he sang was something like this—such nonsense to those that couldn't understand it! but not to the baby, who got all the good in the world out of it:—
baby's a-sleeping-
wake up baby
for all the swallows
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