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A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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172 At the Back of the North Wind
" Well, child," said his mother, when he entered the room, "you've not been long- gone."
" No, mother; here I am. Give me the baby.:
"The baby's asleep," said his mother.
"Then give him to me, and I'll lay him down.
But as Diamond took him, he woke up and began to laugh. For he was indeed one of the merriest children. And no wonder, for he was as plump as a plum-pudding, and had never had an ache or a pain that lasted more than five minutes at a time. Diamond sat down with him and began to sing to him.
baby baby babbing
your father's gone a-cabbing
to catch a shilling for its pence
to make the baby babbing dance
for old Diamond 's a duck
they say he can swim
but the duck of diamonds
is baby that's him
and of all the swallows
the merriest fellows
that bake their cake
with the water they shake
out of the river
flowing for ever
and make dust into clay
on the shiniest day
to build their nest
father 's the best
and mother's the whitest
and her eyes are the brightest
of all the dams
that watch their lambs
cropping the grass
where the waters pass
singing for ever
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