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A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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178 At the Back of the North Wind
by ladies would be going home from the Academy exhibition, and there would be a chance of a job.
" Though, to be sure," said Diamond's fatherówith what truth I cannot say, but he believed what he saidó
u some ladies is very hard, and keeps you to the bare sixpence a mile, when every one knows that ain't enough to keep a family and a cab upon. To be sure it's the law; but mayhap they may get more law than they like some day themselves."
As it was very hot, Diamond's father got down to have a glass
of beer himself, and give another to the old waterman. He left Diamond on the box.
A sudden noise got up, and Diamond looked round to see what was the matter.
There was a crossing near the cab-stand, where a girl was sweeping. Some rough young imps had picked a quarrel with her, and were now hauling at
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