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A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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180 At the Back of the North Wind
she was near enough to give her friends the first chance. When they reached the curbstone—who should it be waiting for the cab but Mrs. and Miss Coleman! They did not look at the cabman, however. The girl opened
the door for them; they gave her the address, and a penny; she told the cabman, and away they drove. When they reached           the
house,           Dia-
mond's father got down and rang the bell. As he opened the door of the cab, he touched his hat as he had been wont to do. The ladies both stared for a mo­ment, and then exclaimed together:
" Why, Joseph! can it be you?"
" Yes, ma'am; yes, miss;" answered he, again touch­ing his hat, with all the respect he could possibly put into the action. " It's a lucky day which I see you once more upon it."
"Who would have thought it?" said Mrs. Coleman.
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