At the Back of the North Wind Illustrated - online book

A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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Diamond Learns to Read 203
And the boughs bow down, and the apples they dapple The grass, too many for him to grapple.
And the cheeriest cherries, with never a miss, Fall to his mouth, each a full-grown kiss.
He met a little brook singing a song.
He said, " Little brook, you are going wrong.
"You must follow me, follow me, follow, I say, Do as I tell you, and come this way."
And the song-singing, sing-songing forest brook Leaped from its bed and after him took,
Followed him, followed. And pale and wan, The dead leaves rustled as the water ran.
And every bird high up on the bough, And every creature low down below,
He called,- and the creatures obeyed the call,
Took their legs and their wings and followed him all;
Squirrels that carried their tails like a sack, Each on his own little humpy brown back;
Householder snails, and slugs all tails, And butterflies, fiutterbies, ships all sails;
And weasels, and ousels, and mice, and larks, And owls, and rere-mice, and harkydarks,
All went running, and creeping, and flowing, After the merry boy fluttering and going;
The dappled fawns fawrning, the fallow-deer following; The swallows and flies, flying and swallowing;
Cockchafers, henchafers, cockioli-birds, Cockroaches, henroaches, cuckoos in herds.
The spider forgot and followed him spinning, And lost all his thread from end to beginning.
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