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A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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206 At the Back of the North Wind
Then the clouds clodded down till dismal it grew; The snake sneaked close; round Birdie Brown flew;
The brook sat up like a snake on its tail;
And the wind came up with a what-will-you wail;
And all the creatures sat and stared;
The mole opened his very eyes and glared;
And for rats and bats and the world and his wife, Little Boy Blue was afraid of his life.
Then Birdie Brown began to sing, And what he sang was the very thing:
"You have brought us all hither, Little Boy Blue, Pray what do you want us all to do?"
"Go away! go away!" said Little Boy Blue; "I'm sure I don't want you—get away—do."
"No, no; no, no; no, yes, and no, no," Sang Birdie Brown, "it mustn't be so.
"We cannot for nothing come here, and away. Gives us some work, or else we stay."
"Oh dear! and oh dear!" with sob and with sigh, Said Little Boy Blue, and began to cry.
But before he got far, he thought of a thing; And up he stood, and spoke like a king.
"Why do you hustle and jostle and bother?
Off with you all! Take me back to my mother."
The sunset stood at the gates of the west.
" Follow me, follow ;/z£," came from Birdie Brown's breast
" I am going that way as fast as I can," Said the brook, as it sank and turned and ran.
Back to the woods fled the shadows like ghosts:
" If we stay, we shall all be missed from our posts."
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