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A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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212 At the Back of the North Wind
he questioned looked down upon him from the sum­mit of six feet two inches, and replied with another question, but kindly:
"What do you want there, my small kid? It ain't
where you was bred, I guess."
"No, sir," an­swered Diamond. "I liveinBlooms-bury."
"That's a long way off," said the policeman.
"Yes, it's a good distance," answered Dia­mond; " but I find my way about pretty well. Policemen are always kind to me."
"But what on earth do you want here?"
Diamond told him plainly what he was about, and of course the man believed him, for nobody ever dis­believed Diamond. People might think he was mis­taken, but they never thought he was telling a story.
" It's an ugly place," said the policeman.
" Is it far off?" asked Diamond.
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