At the Back of the North Wind Illustrated - online book

A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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Sal's Nanny                        217
ing with himself that the tall gentleman must either come in or come out, and he was therefore in the best possible position for finding him. He had not waited long before the door opened again; but when he looked round, it was only the servant once more.
" Get away," he said. " What are you doing on the doorstep?"
"Waiting for Mr. Raymond," answered Diamond getting up.
" He's not at home."
" Then I'll wait till he comes,' returned Diamond, sitting down again with a smile.
What the man would have done next I do not know, but a step sounded from the hall, and when Diamond looked round yet again, there was the tall gentleman.
" Who's this, John?" he asked.
" I don't know, sir. An imperent little boy as will sit on the doorstep."
''Please, sir," said Diamond, "he told me you weren't at home, and I sat down to wait for you."
"Eh, what!" said Mr. Raymond. "John! John! This won't do. Is it a habit of yours to turn away my visitors? There'll be some one else to turn away, I'm afraid, if I find any more of this kind of thing. Come in, my little man. I suppose you've come to claim your sixpence?"
"No, sir, not that."
" What! can't you read yet?"
"Yes, I can now, a little. But I'll come for that next time. I came to tell you about Sal's Nanny."
"Who's Sal's Nanny?"
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