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A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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218 At the Back of the North Wind
" The girl at the crossing you talked to the same day."
" Oh, yes; I remember. What's the matter? Has she got run over?"
Then Diamond told him all.
Now Mr. Raymond was one of the kindest men in London. He sent at once to have the horse put to the brougham, took Diamond with him, and drove to the Children's Hospital. There he was well known to everybody, for he was not only a large subscriber, but he used to go and tell the children stories of an afternoon. One of the doctors promised to go and find Nanny, and do what could be done—have her brought to the hospital, if possible.
That same night they sent a litter for her, and as she could be of no use to old Sal until she was better, she did not object to having her removed. So she was soon lying in the fever ward—for the first time in her life in a nice clean bed. But she knew nothing of the whole affair. She was too ill to know anything.
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