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A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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222 At the Back of the North Wind
I grow bigger and bigger about the waist,
And yet I am always very tight laced.
None e'er saw me eat—I 've no mouth to bite;
Yet I eat all day in the full sunlight.
In the summer with song I shake and quiver,
But in winter I fast and groan and shiver.
" Do you know what that means, Diamond?" he asked, when he had finished.
''No, indeed, I don't," answered Diamond.
"Then you can read it for yourself, and think over it, and see if you can find it out," said Mr. Raymond, giving him the book. "And now you had better go home to your mother. When you've found the riddle, you can come again."
If Diamond had had to find out the riddle in order to see Mr. Raymond again, I doubt if he would ever have seen him.
"Oh then," I think I hear some little reader say, "he could not have been a genius, for a genius finds out things without being told."
I answer, "Genius finds out truths, not tricks". And if you do not understand that, I am afraid you must be content to wait till you grow older and know more.
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