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A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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Another Early Bird                229
the shafts, got them up one after the other into the loops, fastened the traces, the belly-band, the breeching, and the reins.
Then he got his whip. The moment he mounted the box, the men broke into a hearty cheer of delight at his success. But they would not let him go without a general inspection of the harness; and although they found it right, for not a buckle had to be shifted, they never allowed him to do it for himself again all the time his father was ill.
The cheer brought his mother to the window, and there she saw her little boy setting out alone with the cab in the gray of the morning. She tugged at the window, but it was stiff; and before she could open it, Diamond, who was in a great hurry, was out of the mews, and almost out of the street. She called " Diamond! Diamond!" but there was no answer except from Jack.
" Never fear for him, ma'am," said Jack. u It 'ud be only a devil as would hurt him, and there ain't so many o' them as some folk 'ud have you believe. A boy o' Diamond's size as can 'arness a 'oss o' t'other Diamond's size, and put him to, right as a trivet—if he do upset the keb—'11 fall on his feet, ma'am."
" But he won't upset the cab, will he, Jack?"
"Not he, ma'am. Leastways he won't go for to do it."
"I know as much as that myself. What do you mean?"
" I mean he's as little likely to do it as the oldest man in the stable. How's the guv'nor to-day, ma'am?"
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