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A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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264 At the Back of the North Wind
which was Nanny herself, dawned upon him, like the moon coming- out of a cloud, until at length, instead of only believing- Mr. Raymond that this was she, he saw for himself that it was Nanny indeed—very worn,
but grown beauti­ful.
He went up to her. She smiled. He had heard her laugh, but had never seen her smile before.
" Nanny, do you know me?" said Diamond.
She only smiled again, as if the question was amus­ing.
She was not like­ly to forget him; for although she did
not yet know it was he who had got her there, she had dreamed of him often, and had talked much about him when delirious. Nor was it much wonder, for he was the only boy except Joe who had ever shown her kindness.
Meantime Mr. Raymond was going- from bed to bed, talking to the little people. Every one knew him, and every one was eager to have a look, and a smile, and a kind word from him. Diamond sat down on a stool at
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