At the Back of the North Wind Illustrated - online book

A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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The Children's Hospital 265
the head of Nanny's bed. She laid her hand in his. No one else of her old acquaintance had been near her.
Suddenly a little voice called outó
" Won't Mr. Raymond tell us a story?"
" Oh, yes, please do! please do!" cried several little voices which also were stronger than the rest. For Mr. Raymond was in the habit of telling them a story when he went to see them, and they enjoyed it far more than the other nice things which the doctor permitted him to give them.
" Very well," said Mr. Raymond, "1 will. What sort of a story shall it be?"
" A true story," said one little girl.
" A fairy tale," said a little boy.
" Well," said Mr. Raymond, " I suppose, as there is a difference, I may choose. I can't think of any true story just at this moment, so I will tell you a sort of a fairy one."
" Oh, jolly!" exclaimed the little boy who had called out for a fairy tale.
" It came into my head this morning as I got out of bed," continued Mr. Raymond; "and if it turns out pretty well, I will write it down, and get somebody to print it for me, and then you shall read it when you like."
" Then nobody ever heard it before?" asked one older child.
" No, nobody."
" Oh!" exclaimed several, thinking it very grand to have the first telling; and I daresay there might be a peculiar freshness about it, because everything would
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