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A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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270 At the Back of the North Wind
wickedness. The other fairies, however, knowing the danger thus run, provided as well as they could against accidents from her quarter. But they could neither render her powerless, nor could they arrange their gifts in reference to hers beforehand, for they could
not tell what those might be.
Of course the old hag was there with­out being asked. Not to be asked was just what she wanted, that she might have a sort of a reason for doing what she wished to do. For            somehow
even the wicked­est of creatures likes a pretext for doing the wrong thing.
Five fairies had one after the other given the child such gifts as each counted best, and the fifth had just stepped back to her place in the surrounding splendour of ladies and gentlemen, when, mumbling a laugh between her toothless gums, the wicked fairy hobbled out into the middle of the circle, and at the moment when the archbishop was handing the baby to the lady at the head of the nursery department of state affairs, addressed
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