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A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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304 At the Back of the North Wind
was the great red sunset, with streaks of green and gold between, standing looking at me. Why couldn't I live in the sunset instead of in that dirt? Why was it so far away always? Why did it never come into our wretched street? It faded away, as the sunsets always do, and at last went out altogether. Then a cold wind began to blow, and flutter all my rags about-----"
"That was North Wind herself," said Diamond.
" Eh?" said Nanny, and went on with her story.
" I turned my back to it, and wandered away. 1 did not know where I was going, only it was warmer to go that way. I don't think it was a north wind, foi I found myself somewhere in the west end at last. But it doesn't matter in a dream which wind it was."
"I don't know that," said Diamond. "I believe North Wind can get into our dreams—yes, and blow in them. Sometimes she has blown me out of a dream altogether."
"I don't know what you mean, Diamond," said Nanny.
" Never mind," answered Diamond. "Two people can't always understand each other. They'd both be at the back of the north wind directly, and what would become of the other places without them?"
"You do talk so oddly!" said Nanny. "I some­times think they must have been right about you."
" What did they say about me?" asked Diamond.
''They called you God's baby."
" How kind of them ! But I knew that."
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