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A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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406 At the Back of the North Wind
upon the grass in the moonlight without thinking how I was to get out again. Somehow the moon suited me exactly. There was not a breath of the north wind you talk about; it was quite gone."
"You didn't want her any more, just then. She never goes where she's not wanted," said Diamond. "But she blew you into the moonlight, anyhow."
"Well, we won't dispute about it," said Nanny: "you've got a tile loose, you know."
"Suppose I have," returned Diamond, "don't you see it may let in the moonlight, or the sunlight for that matter?"
" Perhaps yes, perhaps no," said Nanny.
"And you've got your dreams, too, Nanny."
" Yes, but I know they're dreams."
"So do I. But I know besides they are something more as well."
"Oh! do you?" rejoined Nanny. "I don't."
" All right," said Diamond. "Perhaps you will some day."
" Perhaps I won't," said Nanny.
Diamond held his peace, and Nanny resumed her story.
" I lay a long time, and the moonlight got in at every tear in my clothes, and made me feel so happy-----"
"There, I tell you!" said Diamond.
"What dc you tell me?" returned Nanny.
"North Wind-----"
" It was the moonlight, I tell you," persisted Nanny, and again Diamond held his peace.
"All at once I felt that the moon was not shining so
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